Trauma Informed Practices/Social Emotional Learning

Through certification from the Arizona Trauma Institute, I am prepared to work with individuals, families, educational institutions, spiritual organizations, social service agencies and corporate organizations to improve their understanding of meeting the needs of employees and clients from a lens of a social/emotional perspective. Through a process of self-assessments and team assessments, we are able to determine the current level of awareness of issues related to trauma and social/emotional well-being. We are then able to craft a plan that will move individuals and the organization forward toward processes that will lead to a higher level of personal and professional growth and success. Through our work together, we can examine systemic policies and procedures to ensure your organization is set up to meet your goals and maximize engagement of all stakeholders. 

A part of all social/emotional focus includes the reality of managing day to day stress that can arise from both personal and professional issues. Implementing simple, but practical and specific strategies, employees and clients can relieve conflict, stress, issues from previous trauma, grief or loss and other life issues that may be inhibiting our greatest potential for success in our day to day life.