Circle of Security Parenting Training

One of the most beautiful and challenging experiences we face in our lifetime is the honor of being a parent. Typically our society spends little time preparing parents for all that the choice of having children will bring to them and their lives. Circle of Security Parenting is a program done as individuals, couples or small groups and helps parents understand the behavioral motivations of their children and provides strategies to manage or extinguish those behaviors that are bringing stress to the family. Building awareness of how children think, feel and respond to the world around them, combined with building an awareness of our own needs, feelings and responses, we become better equipped to meet our children’s needs for security and safety. This then allows the child to grow and develop to their greatest potential and leaves parents managing their relationship in a successful and productive manner.


This work will help us with:

  • establishing boundaries
  • emotional outbursts and tantrums
  • "the terrible twos"
  • secure attachment/separation anxiety
  • structure and routine
  • healthy family communication
  • family systems/roles
  • common issues with toilet training/bedtime/bath time/screen time/meal time