True Colors Personality Inventory

Many of us are familiar with the Meyer’s Briggs Personality Inventory. It is a wonderful opportunity to learn more details about ourselves, however, it can be a bit lengthy, often taking up to an hour to complete, and then we spend the rest of our lives trying to remember if we are an E, a F, a P or a T. True Colors is a more simplified opportunity to learn about ourselves, but it is equally accurate and well researched for reliability and validity. True Colors divides people into one of four color categories and provides detailed information about what motivates us, stresses us and helps us understand why we might approach life as we do.

I have used this personality inventory with thousands of people in the education and corporate world as a foundation to greater work around leadership, team building, conflict resolution, maximizing productivity and increasing communication. Overwhelmingly, people report much greater understanding of themselves and others and are quick to incorporate their new learning into their daily lives to decrease their stress and increase their personal and work productivity and relationships with others.

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